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ZZ Top “La Grange” Live

I had to share this nice-sounding audio for  ZZ Top’s performance of “La Grange” live in 1980 for their Double-Down live DVD.  No discussion about the top ZZ Top songs leaves out “La Grange”  Originally released in 1973 on the Tres Hombres album, the “La Grange” Live performance here is 7 years after the song’s debut.

Back in 1973, radio wasn’t feeling “La Grange” and the song peaked at No. 41 on U.S. charts, though the single did peak at No. 15 in Australia.  Despite the initially lukewarm reception, the song has aged like a champ and is considered either the band’s 1st  or 2nd favorite song, despite who you ask.

There are more than a few ZZ Top “La Grange” Live songs on social media. The majority of them sound horrible.  I tracked down a couple more videos with good sound, including this one filmed at Howard Stern.

I’m sure that ZZ Top has heard a lot of “La Grange” covers in their day, but I wonder if they’ve heard Luna Lee’s version

Obviously, ZZ Top made “La Grange” a household name, and is performed live at a bar after bar, in town after town, all over the world.

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