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Yelawolf “You and Me” (Official Video)

When people talk about Outlaw Rap, Alabama native Yelawolf is generally mentioned as a trailblazing artist.  He writes honest lyrics, has a phenomenal delivery, and embraces the outlaw moniker.  Yelawolf is an original, and “You And Me” is a song that shows the rapper’s range.  It’s not “Pop The Trunk”, its a love song.

Yelawolf’s “You And Me” is a song with multiple personalities.  It’s part ode to a lover, part check on his rivals, and part song of despair. It’s always been “you and me”, whether it’s his companion, his enemy or even his inner thoughts, he’s taking them one-on-one.

While I wouldn’t generally consider myself a rabid fan of rap, I am a fan of Yelawolf. He’s irreverent, independent and original.  The only thing that never surprises me when I click on a Yelawolf song is that I’m going to like it.  “You And Me” is just another reason why I’ve always got at least one Yelawolf song in my playlist.

You can get “You and Me” and the rest of the album Ghetto Cowboy wherever you ingest your music.


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