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Willie Nelson “Whiskey River”

Willie Nelson Whiskey River

To me, there are few iconic Outlaw Country songs like Willie Nelson’s “Whiskey River”.  Even if you don’t like Country music, chances are you’ll like “Whiskey River”. It’s a song of sadness, drinking, and a catchy-as-hell chorus.

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This video shows Willie in 2019. Sure, he’s not in his prime here, but the rawness of the song is still there; his voice, the background music, the atmosphere of the song is as strong as ever.

I’ve heard others sing “Whiskey River” covers, but none of them has even close to matching the original.  Willie Nelson is an iconic original, and he has had a successful career going against the grain.

Willie Nelson “Whiskey River” By The Numbers

  • Although considered a Nelson Standard, the song was originally written and released by Johnny Bush (Paul Stroud co-wrote)
  • The song peaked at #12 on the Country Charts in 1978.  Bush’s original recording reached #14 in 1972.
  • “Whiskey River” was featured on the sitcom My Name Is Earl in the 2006 episode “Van Hickey.”

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Next Up – Waylon Jennings

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