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Whiskey Myers “Bury My Bones” Audio

Here’s the new single from Whiskey Myers, “Bury My Bones” Audio release. This single will be on his self titled album, set for a September 27th release.  The new album, titled Whiskey Myers is highly anticipated and if it sounds anything like “Bury My Bones”, it will be a good one, that’s for sure.

You can go ahead and pre-order the new album, which includes “Bury My Bones” wherever you ingest music, but I always recommend checking out the artists’ website first.  They make more money when you buy direct, but they also offer a bundle that iTunes and google music don’t.

With a heavy tune that matches the subject matter, “Bury My Bones” is a spoken word Last Will And Testament, complete with burial instructions, down to the location.

Here’s a cool behind the scenes video that the band posted on its youtube channel

Songs about Dying young always make me think about all the people in my life, especially those who went young, who aren’t with us, and Whiskey Myer’s “Bury My Bones” is one of those songs that I’ll always think about when someone passes.  That’s a good song, that can do that.  Go get Whiskey Myers’ new album, along with “Bury My Bones” included.


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