What’s the mission of this website?: Outlaw Circus is dedicated to outlaw music and culture

Who decides what’s outlaw and what’s not?: On this site, I do..

Okay, what do you think is outlaw, then?: A really good indication of my parameters are the posts I’ve posted in the past.

I’m not here to write about any one kind of music, or even exclusively music.  I’d like to expose the outlaw music and cultural movement that’s proving a cookie-cutter industry based on charts and graphs are bullshit.  That’s soooo 2005.

The focus of Outlaw Circus will be outlaw country, southern rock, and blues.  I’m not planning on covering a lot of mainstream music, but I won’t rule it out. If Eric Church drops a kick-ass song that inspires me, I’ll put it here.

So, who are you? I go by Notorious CDG, and I started my first music blog back in 2007, and have run several successful music based websites including and  I’ve been a member of the Country Music Association, and a former founder/publisher of such sites as and I’m responsible for millions of views on sites I’ve run in the past.

In 2017, I sold HHM and vowed to leave the music media business altogether.  I built a backend system for scoreboards for online streamers and started a blog about political betting, but I felt like a stranger in those worlds.   End the end, it turns out what I’m really good at is publishing websites about music.  I’d had OutlawCircus for a couple of years, but hadn’t done much with it.  That’s about to change.

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