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Waylon Jennings Waiting On Down The Line (RARE)


Back in the day, when Music was sold as full albums and single records, the B side, literally the other side of the record) was a popular way to release music that may not make the album.  The B sides songs weren’t generally promoted, but many fans loved hearing these songs.  I remember listening to 45s in my bedroom and sometimes liking he b side song better than the single promoted on tha a side.

Not that I necessarily like Waylon Jennings  “Waiting On Down The Line” better than it’s A side, “Hold On I’m Coming” (with Jerry Reed), which was a # 20 hit in 1983.  A lot f people forgot about “Waiting On Down The Line” since it was never on an album, and the top 20 hit isn’t on the list of the most popular singles in Jennings’ discography, considering it was a cover of an Isaac Hayes & David Porter penned song .  Nonetheless, its a good song that is worth listening to, even today.

Here’s the other side of Waylon Jennings’ “Waiting On Down The Line”, “Hold On I’m Coming” featuring Jerry Reed

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