Tyler Childers “All Your’n”

So that new Tyler Childers, “All Your’n” is a great country song, built on a solid foundation. It’s about love.  The instrumentals are outstanding. The vocals are great.  As usual, Tyler Childers uses his unique gift to come up with a really good song.  Good enough to be a single. The quality of the song cannot be questioned.  Childers is a star, and he’s got the goods to be around for a long time.

That video, though.

Well, if you didn’t go down a rabbit hole to find “All Your’n” one in the first place, you’re about to go down one now, my friend.

So there’s this fly right, in the Tyler Childers “All Your’n” video. And it farts blue and green dust that can apparently be smoked. Once smoked, you travel through a forest filled with fast growing mushrooms and animals that resemble the magical farting fly. Then you fall out of the forest into a dive bar where there’s 5 or 10 yous hanging out and a band ot paper mache animals that can evidently jam the hell out.


So yeah, that video is something else. Seriously though, I love it.  I think it’s awesome and brave for Tyler Childers to use “All Your’n” for a chance to take a risk. Sure some of his fans won’t like the video. But most of us will. Even if you don’t like the video, you have to admit, the son’ts pretty good.

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