Outlaw Country

Top Outlaw Songs Of All Time

We are curating a collection of the best and most impactful outlaw songs of all time.  They’re not in any particular order, and the list will continue to expand.

We’re going to start with Merle, as I think we should:


Next Up – Johnny Cash

“Mama Tried” is a semi-autobiographical song written about his Mother’s consternation with Haggard’s prison stay. The recording has been entered into the National Recording Registry, a sign of the song’s timeless charm.  –>More on “Mama Tried”

Throughout music history, there have always been those who didn’t get along with the crowd. Some didn’t follow the same path as the others. Those who blazed their own path were ostracized. They operated outside of the control of Nashville, and they were branded, Outlaws.

Different forms of outlaw have developed over the years. Some pushed the limits of genre, while others pulled us back to a traditional style.

Next Up – Johnny Cash

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