The SteelDrivers “Bad For You”

When The SteelDrivers lost their lead singer, Chris Stapleton in 2010, many people thought the Nashville, TN group was finished.  They picked up Gary Nichols to replace Stapleton, and they remained, perhaps, one of the most popular groups in Bluegrass.  Now, they’ve replaced Nichols with a new lead singer, newcomer Kelvin Damrell.

One listen to The SteelDriver’s new single “Bad For You”, you’ll know exactly why they made the decision to bring him into the fold.  He sounds almost exactly like Chris Stapleton.

The group discovered Damrell on a Youtube video, and they’ve been touring with him for a while now. The SteelDrivers’ new album, Bad For You, in late February.  Lucky for their fans, The SteelDrivers have given us a sneak-peak as to what the new singer will sound like.

I, for one, am very excited about the new album, Bad For You, as I bet most of The Steel Drivers’ do as well.  The follow-up to their Grammy-winning, The Muscle Shoals Recordings, is a high bar to overcome.  If the rest of the album is like the single “Bad For You”, it’s going to be huge.

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