Southern Rock

The Allman Brothers Band “Midnight Rider” – 9/10/1973


The absolute best thing about Youtube is getting to see this kind of video.  Without social media, I never would have been able to see The Allman Brothers Band performing “Midnight Rider” in 1973 at The Grand Opera House in Macon, Georgia, the band’s adopted home.

There’s a reason that “Midnight Rider” is The Allman Brothers most popular song, and seeing it performed live way back in 1973, a year before I was even born, is amazing. Back then, Macon, Georgia was a pretty small town in the middle of Georgia, and the Allman Brothers made it famous.  It’s cool to see how they were still doing local shows the year that they made it big with “Ramblin’ Man”, their first Top 5 (peaked @ #2 in 1973).

I think it is interesting that some of the most popular songs by The Allman Brothers Band never broke the top 40 when they were released, but now, they’re synonymous with the Southern Rock band.


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