Sturgill Simpson – Cuttin’ Grass Vol. 2 (Cowboy Arms Sessions)

Sturgill Simpson Cuttin Grass VOl 2 cowboy arms sessions

Sturgill Simpson is at it again, releasing music surprising everyone with 39 minutes and 50 seconds of great bluegrass and country music.

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Cuttin’ Grass Vol. 2 (Cowboy Arms Sessions) is an acoustic take on previously released material. 6 of the songs were on the A Sailor’s Guide to Earth album, with the remainder (save one) from High Top Mountain and a song from Sunday Valley, Simpson’s first band.

The new song on Cuttin’ Grass Vol. 2 (Cowboy Arms Sessions) is “Hobo Cartoon” a song Sturgill Simpson wrote with Merle Haggard before he passed away.

Here’s what Simpson himself says about the Cowboy Arms Sessions

On Volume 2, we recorded everything I was too afraid to do on Volume 1“.  For that one, everything was more conventional bluegrass, sort of straight down the middle. But as a benefit of the musicians all getting to know each other and feeling more comfortable, we took more chances and felt more like a band. That gave me the confidence to come in with songs that I was a little more worried how they would translate to bluegrass—but weirdly, it just underscored that, in the end, I guess I’m just a bluegrass songwriter.

Getting new music from Sturgill Simpson on December 11th is like getting a really bad-ass Chrismas Present.  Thanks, Sturgill!

Sturgill Simpson Cuttin Grass VOl 2 cover

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