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Struggle Jennings “Cry For Help” Ft Brianna Harness

struggle jennings cry for help

Struggle Jennings, the step-grandson of Outlaw Country legend Waylon Jennings (Jessi Colter’s Grandson), has been building a name in the Outlaw Rap genre for the last several years. Now he’s helping the next generation break-into the music business.  Brianna Harness, Struggle’s daughter gets co-billing on “Cry For Help”

“Cry For Help” is a song about child abduction and exploitation.  The song’s backtrack almost plays the part of both victim and aggressor as it flips from verse to chorus and back again.

Harness’ vocals are haunting, and adds to the drama of the chorus, while Jennings’ rap verses are explosive and hostile. I love how the two parts play off one another, and it shows the maturation of Struggle Jennings.

If you like “Cry For Help” Check out more of both Struggle Jennings and Brianna Harness music, and then add it on your favorite streaming service here.

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