Steve Earle “El Coyote”

A story about a Mexican Coyote that leaves his passengers to die at the first sound of trouble, Steve Earle’s”El Coyote” might be trying to make some kind of point. Of course, it could be just a song.  Either way, I think Steve Earle’s “El Coyote” is a story that is based on real events, and it is a story that I bet Earle hopes to make you think about. Maybe it’s just an appropriate timed story,  Maybe he’s got ulterior motives, an agenda even.  I think it’s just a song.  And a good one at that.

Steve Earle is a great artist, and one close to my heart. My wife and I used a Steve Earle song as our first dance at our wedding.  Here’s that song, a duet with Emmylou Harris


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