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Steve Earle “Copperhead Road” Official Video

Steve Earle Copperhead Road Official Video

Nothing says outlaw like 3 generations of men participates in illicit activities while avoiding Federal authorities, complete with booby traps. Well, that’s exactly what you’ve got with Steve Earle’s “Copperhead Road” official video.

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The “Copperhead Road” official video is a sequence that alternates between the story-line of the song, and Steve Earle doing a live performance of the song.  The imagery of the 1980s was in full effect and the video has a much more cinematic feel than you’d typically expect today

“Copperhead Road” By The Numbers

  1. The song was the title track to Steve Earle’s 1998 album Copperhead Road2
  2. “Copperhead Road” reached #10 on the American Rock music charts
  3. There have been more than 1 million digital downloads of Steve Earle’s “Copperhead Road”

“Copperhead Road” is a classic outlaw tune that talks about moonshine, cannabis, and Vietnam.  The music is eery and gritty.  The tempo is perfect for the content. Like all of Steve Earle’s work, content is the king.  Probably one of the most rocking songs on our top 10 Outlaw Songs post, “Copperhead Road” was prominent on rock radio when it was released in 1988

Fun Facts On “Copperhead Road” And Steve Earle

  • The real Copperhead Road in TN had to change its name because the road signs were constantly being stolen
  • Earle’s father was an air-traffic controller as far back as the 1950s in Virginia
  • Steve Earle is a recovering addict that was convicted of possession of Cocaine and Heroin

“Coppheard Road” has been covered dozens of times. Here’s the most interesting one we found

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