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Steve Earle “Copperhead Road” Live

So, I admit it. “Copperhead Road” was the first Steve Earle Song I ever heard.  Anytime I run across “Copperhead Road” live performances by Earle, I always check it to take a little trip back to my early teens. That’s when I heard “Copperhead Road” for the first time.

I was in 7th grade, and when it came on the first time, I knew it was something special.  All these years later, I still get a little bit of a shiver when I hear that opening play.  What a great mixture of bluegrass and rock.  Although this is the song Earle is most associated with, it, in my opinion, is a poor representation of his work, overall.  It’s a much more rocking song that most of my Earle favorites.

Want to know how much Steve Earl has changed since releasing “Copperhead Road” thirty years ago?  Watch the original music video right here.

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