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Sheryl Crow “Everything Is Broken” ft. Jason Isbell


Sheryl Crow’s newest single “Everything Is Broken” ft. Jason Isbell is a bluesy, rocking number, that’s for sure.  Crow, along with the help of Jason Isbell, put a new spin on the Bob Dylan penned song.  I’m going to like anything with Isbell on it, and Crow shows she knows how to pick songs and song partners with on this one.

Sheryl Crow “Everything Is Broken” ft. Jason Isbell is the new single from the upcoming album Threads from Crow, due August 30th on all digital outlets.  From what I’ve heard there’s going to be a lot of big names working with Crow on Threads, and the fact that she featured Jason Isbell, (and Dylan) says a lot about where I think the new album will go.  I sure hope it does, anyway.

“Everything Is Broken” originally appeared on Bob Dylan’s 1989 album Oh Mercy, and as you can see, Crow’s version has been updated.  Here’s Dylan himself performing the song in 1989 in South Kingston (youtube video Credit Mr. Tambourine).

And here’s an unfortunate sub-par recording of the epic trio of Neil Young, Tom Petty and Sammy Hagar performing “Everything Is Broken” in 1989, the year it came out. (youtube video Credit Rusted Televisione).

So, which one do you like better. I’m always a sucker for the original, especially when the performer wrote the song.  I will admit, Sheryl Crow and Jason Isbell team up for what I think is my new favorite rendition of “Everything Is Broken”.

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