Samantha Fish “Blood In The Water”

Samantha Fish has been a rising star on the blues  scene for nearly a decade, but with the release of her newest album, Belle Of The West,  I think it’s safe to  place her comfortably into the realm of an established artist who has become one of the scene’s mainstay stars.

Case and point is her newest single, “Blood In The Water” of the Belle Of The West album.  Don’t let that melodic siren’s voice divert your attention from the dark content that hides in the background within the lyrics.  This is a great song, off a fantastic album.  You can buy the “Blood In The Water” single or even better, get the entire Belle Of The West album at your favorite digital outlet.  You can also get the  CD and even the vinyl version at Amazon

Samantha Fish is well-known for her kick-ass live performances, and I’d be crazy to let this post end without sharing another video of her performing “War Pigs” live at Callahan’s Music Hall in Auburn Hills, MI back in 2014.

Keeping an eye on your bandwidth?  Check her out on Spotify

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