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Pony Bradshaw “Sawtoothed Jericho”

If you like great classic singer/songwriters and you haven’t heard of Pony Bradshaw yet, you’re in for a treat.

North Georgia native Pony Bradshaw has a raw sound that’s just the kind of music we need right now.  Bradshaw has a great talent for song-writing and it’s on full display on “Sawtoothed Jericho”.

I’m going to admit, I’m a little biased about this song because I’m a Georgian myself.  In “Sawtoothed Jericho”, we get a mini-tour of the Pecan State.

Far Appalachia ‘cross to St. Simons Sound Jean Rousseau, I hope we’ve done you proud Catfish skin white and lacquered thin Come down from the hills with your shirt tucked in

If you liked this and want to hear more from Pony Bradshaw, check out his music here.

Pony Bradshaw “Sawtoothed Jericho”


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