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Are you a good writer that wants to write about Outlaw, Americana, Southern Rock, or any other non-mainstream types of music, and want to have it seen all over the world?  Want to get in early to a new media site with unlimited potential, and the production experience that can make it happen?  Let’s talk.

We’re looking for good writers that want to show out their craft and build a name in the entertainment industry.  We’re open to any writer that can provide samples of previous work (published or unpublished), and is willing to write about specific songs or albums that may be assignment pieces.  You will always be given the chance to submit non-assigned content, including promoting personal products, once we’ve established  a working relationship.

Outlaw Circus is being built to promote and highlight music artists and outlaw culture that doesn’t get the coverage it deserves.  Our goal is to become the go-to source for anything outlaw related, with a particular focus on Outlaw Country, Southern Rock, and Americana.

As a writer, you would be reporting and receiving assignments from me, the Notorious CDG. Here’s a little bit about myself.

I published my first website in 1994, while at Gainesville College in North Georgia, and have been running websites on a regular basis since 2007.  I first live streamed a local High School Baseball game in 2008 (audio only), and live streamed (video) a season of  dirt track races at the local track, complete with camera operator, announcer and producer director.

My first music website was established back in 2007, and operated until 2009, when I started a family and running a website took a backseat.  By 2014,  however, I was chomping at the bit to get into my office after the kids went to bed, so I started https://hickhopmusic.com/  I built the site from nothing to over 300,000 page views over the course of 3 years. By the time I sold it, in 2017, we had published a print magazine, earned over 25k fans on facebook, and was recognized by sites like NPR as the official media outlet of the sub-genre.

Two years later, after saying I’d never do a music site again, I’m back. I plan on doing things a little differently now, and that’s where the writers come in.  If you’re interested in writing for Outlaw Circus, let me know, and we’ll talk.

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