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Lukas Nelson “Night Life” (Smoky Bus Version)

You’re not going to hear anything else like Lukas Nelson covering his Dad’s song “Night Life”.  If you’ve hit the play button on the video, you already know why it’s called the Smoky Bus Version.

Lukas Nelson sounds absolutely amazing on “Night Life”, alone, on a smoky bus, with his guitar.  I’ve heard a good bit of music from Lukas over the years and I think in this cover, he sounds more like Willie than I’ve heard him before.  The younger Nelson has a unique voice that’s not usually confused with anyone else, but I think I can hear the DNA actually singing in a couple of spots.

Here’s what I like about Willie Nelson’s “Night Life”.  It is straight-up outlaw shit.  Nelson wrote the song and then sold it to a guitar teacher for $150.  That’s right, even though Willie Nelson wrote the song, he gets no royalties for his son’s performance.  Don’t worry about it too much, Dad’s doing fine.

Here’s the original single, from Ray Price

Of course, we couldn’t end without a version of Willie Nelson himself singing “Night Life”

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