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Eric Church “Through My Ray-Bans”

eric church through my ray-bans featured image

To me, no mainstream country music artist compares to the sheer talent of Eric Church.  Over the years, he’s made a lot of music most people in his position wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole.

Church’s “Through My Ray-Bans” is a great example of how the Texas native can make a more traditional song appealing to the masses as few can.

In “Through My Ray-Bans” Eric Church describes how he sees his fans.  He sees them having fun together like they’d been friends their whole life. Church wishes they acted that way more often.

The video for “Through My Ray-Bans” was filmed during the recording sessions for the song.  It’s nice to see more of what goes into the making of music.

This is not going to be a classic hit, I’d be willing to bet, and that’s okay.  As long as Eric Church keeps making good music, he’ll always pick up a couple of big hits on each album

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