Outlaw Country

Eric Church “Some Of It”

Before anybody gives me any grief about including Eric Church’s “Some Of It” on this website, let me say this: That back button works on any browser.

I put Eric Church in the Outlaw group because he’s blazing his own path. He’s doing a different kind of  music than anything you’ll hear on mainstream radio.  I hope he’s helping to bring back a sound more reminiscent of the 1990s to mainstream country.

As far as I’m concerned Eric Church is behind enemy lines, fighting the good fight, spreading the outlaw gospel to a crowd that would hear none of it without acts like Church and Luke Combs.  In “Some Of It’, his newest single, he even goes behind bars to prove his point.

While Eric Church’s “Some Of It” isn’t the most outlaw-ish song we’ll feature here, I’m proud to support a true outlaw of Country Music, Eric Church.

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