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Drivin N Cryin – Live The Love Beautiful Full Album

Man, I’ve always been a Drivin N Cryin fan, and I was stoked to hear that you could stream their new album Live The Love Beautiful on youtube.

In my opinion Drivin’ N’ Cryin’ is the most under-rated band of the 1990’s.  Sure they had some success, especially in the Southeastern United States, but they never got the label backing they deserved and somehow got lost in all the other, less enjoyable, noise of that era.

2019 is, for sure, a different time than the late 80s and early nineties, but with their new effort Live The Love Beautiful, Drivin N Cryin is showing their fans they know what made them as successful as the were. They aren’t reinventing Drivin N Cryin on Live The Love Beautiful, they’re doubling down on it.

One notable addition to the album is former Sturgill Simpson guitarist Laur Joamets, and he sounds like he’s fitting in with Front-man Kevin Kinney’s unique vocals quite well.

Speaking of Kevin Kinney, his lyric work is as strong, if not stronger as ever on Live The Love Beautiful.  His voice sounds like it always has, and its obvious he’s still having fun making music.  Live The Love Beautiful is Drivin N Cryin’s 9th studio album.  That’s not a lot, honestly for a band with such a history.  That just lets me know they aren’t about just putting music out on a set schedule to make money.  They’d rather get it right first.  On Live The Love Beautiful, that’s just what Drivin N Cryin has done

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