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David Allan Coe Penitentiary Blues Promo Video (RARE)

When I met the legendary David Allan Coe several years ago in front of the Georgia Theatre, I found him to be much nicer that I thought he would be.  Not that Coe was that nice, but he did shake my hand, and not once did he threaten me any bodily harm. so there’s that…

In any event, here’s a rare video I found on Youtube of a promotional video for his debut album, Penitentiary Blues showing a much younger, clean shaven Coe talking a little bit about his life before stardom, and a little biographical information.  I’d never seen this video before, and I thought it might be something you’d like to see as well.

Bonus points for anyone that can tell me who the guy talking to David Allan Coe about songwriting at the 2 minute mark

More on Coe’s Penitentiary Blues

Penitentiary Blues was the debut studio album from the Ohio native, and though it didn’t have the initial commercial success it deserved (in my opinion), but  it started a cult following of Coe that holds strong even today.

No Depression says of Penitentiary Blues:

Sometimes personal experience slants through like a glimpse of hell, and there are lightning flashes of lyrical promise. But what holds it all together is Coe’s own most obvious trait: utter, unflinching, self-absorbed intensity.

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