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David Allan Coe “If That Ain’t Country”

David Allan Coe If That Aint Country

There is nobody like David Allan Coe.  He’s the ultimate outlaw. He’s lived the life and has the stories to tell.  Nobody ever puts up a list of top outlaw songs without including “If That Ain’t Country”

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“If That Ain’t Country” is also one of David Allan Coe’s most controversial songs.  It was written in 1972 and people who came from where Coe did spoke differently than even well-healed people do now.  The song may not be woke, but its a work of art, stamped with a 1977 context. The song is a work, that despite several precarious words, has stood the test of time.

More On “If That Ain’t Country”

  • The track was the final track on the album Ride Again
  • Coe shares writing credit with Deborah L. Coe and Fred Spears
  • Between 2017-2018 Spotify made a controversial move by removing “If That Ain’t Country” from their playlist. Dozens of comments were made, but no word of why it was removed.

Next Up – Willie Nelson

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