Corey Smith “Empty Rooms”

Corey Smith is finally back, and he’s flaunting his outlaw bona-fides with his new single, “Empty Rooms”.  It’s the first new music we’ve heard from Smith since 2015, and “Empty Rooms” showcases his unwillingness to conform for anybody, much less the Nashville suits that talk artists into signing away their freedom to express themselves, every day.

In the video, Corey Smith shows everybody that “Empty Rooms” is a metaphor for his unwillingness to play by the rules, and that his stubbornness has paid off  with a cult-like following that is excited to finally get some new music from the Georgia Nnative.

I’d love to tell you more about the new single “Empty Rooms” but it would be best to let the man himself explain it.

You can get Corey Smith’s “Empty Rooms”  wherever you buy your digital music, and you should.


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