Colter Wall “Kate McCannon” Murder Ballad

There’s a long history of murder ballads in folk music that dates back probably about as long as people have been making music.  It’s a lost art, but some artists, such as Colter Wall, have vowed to keep the tradition alive.  There’s no better example of a modern rendition of the murder ballad that Wall’s “Kate McCannon”.

“Kate McCannon” is an eerie tale of a scorned lover that, in a fit of rage, takes the life of the subject’s sweetheart, when he discovers her with another man.  It’s a tale as old as love itself, and it’s why the murder ballad has been an institutional part of music making for so long.

Colter Wall is a Canadian singer/songwriter that’s build a following playing a blues infused folk music that harkens back to the late 19th and early 20th century.  Wall’s got a sound that predates recorded music. He’s a throwback to the old story-telling sound that is lost in today’s mainstream music.   It’s a shame, because there’s nothing like Colton Wall or “Kate McCannon” anywhere on your radio dial these days.

Check out Colton Wall at his website, and check out his Facebook page here.

Want to hear Murder Ballads?  Here’s a playlist with a whole bunch for your listening enjoyment and cultural education.

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