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Butch Cassidy: Outlaws Of The Wild West

No series about Wild West Outlaws is complete without Robert Leroy Parker, one of the baddest train-robber and bank-robber of his day.

You likely know Parker by his nickname, Butch Cassidy, head of the Wild Bunch, which included members like The Sundance Kid.

One thing that seperates Butch Cassidy from other wild west outlaws is the fact that Cassidy has never been credited with a kill.  He was known as a charming thief, and was actually well liked by even some of his victims.

We’ve found a good many photos of Butch Cassidy

image: butch cassidy and the wild bunch gang

Butch Cassidy And The Wild Bunch



butch cassidy close-up

Here’s a close-up of Butch Cassidy


Butch Cassidy roughed up a little-bit

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