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Ashley McBryde “One Night Standards” (Official Concept Video)

Ashley McBryde One Night Standards Official Concept Video

The story of Singer/Songwriter Ashley McBryde is one that should serve as inspiration for any up and comer looking to make a real living putting together real music.  Music that might not be what the suits in Nashville, but songs that most people will like, if given the chance to hear it.

She surprised the industry with her “Dive Bar In Dahlonega”, and she’s using a lot of the same formula in “One Night Standards”.  If this is what Pop-Music sounded like these days, there’d be a lot less complaining coming from the real folks.  Until then, we get to hold on tight to little gems like this. Songs like “One Night Standards”.  This is the kind of song that should be the bar for success, not a song that raises it so damned far.

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