Apalachee Don “Seeing Light”

I’ll tell anybody that will listen that Apalachee Don is one of the most underrated artists in music today.  He’ll put out a old-style country song that makes you cry, and follow it up with a banging rap song that will get any night club in the country moving.  Nobody else does that, or at least not as well as Apalachee Don.  In his latest release, “Seeing Light”, Don brings a more bluesy tone, and a video with heavy content.

If you don’t know Apalachee Don’s story, it’s worth checking out.  He did some things early in his life that may have required some incarceration, but he’s since turned the page on his life, and we get the blessing of his stories and experiences as a result.

Apalachee Don’s got a that voice that’s both hard and beautiful, and as usual, he puts emotion into every word.  The Biscuits N’ Gravy album, a collection of songs I highly recommend you check-out.

For more on Apalachee Don, visit his website, follow him on Facebook and partake in a little  Biscuits And Gravy however you ingest your music.

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