Amigo The Devil “Hell And You” (Grotto Sessions)

I sent my friend a link to an Amigo The Devil video the other day, and his reply was…. “Interesting”

I don’t mean interesting like I was taken aback by his long and well-thought-out review. I mean, he literally wrote back “Interesting”

Yes, the fact that if you hit the mute button and just watch this performance, he looks totally insane, is interesting.  Of course, the fact that the lyrics are both beautiful and kind of terrifying is interesting.  His voice, since it’s not what you usually hear from a singer, is interesting.  Most obviously his striking resemblance to Al Yankovic’s eye-stare is interesting.

There’s just too much interesting to adequately describe what Amigo The Devil is.  The word is so limiting.  It might be accurate, but it’s either too precise, or not precise enough.  You could a use lot of different terms to describe Amigo The Devil. For instance, amusing, compelling, curious, delightful, striking, thought-provoking, and unusual are pretty good.  But those are just synonyms for interesting I found on a google search for “interesting synonyms”.

Amigo The Devil is not like anything else you’ll hear (or see) today. If there was a such a thing as punk folk, he’d be the king.  Now that’s interesting.  Amigo The Devil?  Well he’s something else, altogether. That’s a good thing.

Check out more ATD on his website, facebook page, and on youtube. You can also hear more on spotify, and apple music

Here’s a stream from youtube of his latest album, Everything Is FIne.


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